1200W Nutribullet Extractor Cross Blade - 1200W Replacement Blender Part

$28.90 AUD $39.00 AUD

The 1200W nutribullet compatible Extractor Cross Blade is the perfect replacement blender part for your nutribullet machine.

IMPORTANT: This Extractor blade fits 1000W nutribullet Machines and only the "1200W Series" model specifically. Specifically designed to fit 1000W nutribullet Machines and the "1200W Series" model.

  • Compatible with nutribullet Prime sereis: NB- 202 1000W MAX/ NB-BX537C-23/NB-BX354C-23.
  • Compatible with nutribullet Select series: N9C-0901 950W MAX /NB-BX354C-23
  • Compatible with nutribullet Pro Plus series :N12-1001/NB BX586A 23 & Balance Bluetooth Smart Blender series:N12S-0901/NB-BX519-23/NB-BX621-23 /NB-205 1200W MAX
  • Compatible with nutribullet Max series :NB-BX350-23/ NB-204 1200W

Before purchasing this product, it is important to check the model of your nutribullet machine to ensure it is compatible with the 1200W Extractor Cross Blade. This blade is specially crafted to work with the powerful 1000 and 1200 Series Cyclonic Action for optimal performance and results.

What sets this replacement blade apart is its innovative and improved design. The unique structure of the Extractor Blade, combined with the Cyclonic Action, generates incredible power that can effortlessly break through tough seeds, thick stems, and even stubborn skin. Say goodbye to the hassle of peeling and prepare to access the hidden nutrition inside your fruits and vegetables with ease.

To maintain the peak performance of your nutribullet machine, it is recommended to replace the blade every six months. This ensures that you continue to enjoy smooth and consistent blends every time you use your nutribullet.

Upgrade your nutribullet machine with the 1200W nutribullet compatible Extractor Cross Blade and experience the convenience and power it brings to your kitchen. Unlock the hidden potential of your fruits and vegetables, and enjoy the nutritional benefits they offer. With this replacement blade, you can elevate your blending game and create delectable and nutritious recipes effortlessly.

Invest in the 1200W nutribullet compatible Extractor Cross Blade today, and redefine your blending experience like never before.

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Great product delivered ontime

Miles Kay delivered the goods in about 4 days. The balde is a unique one, not many sellers have it, but this worked perfectly. thanks, team, and cheers for the gift!