Oster Osterizer Blender Cutter Base Gasket Q3D9

$13.99 AUD
The Oster Osterizer Blender Cutter Base Gasket Q3D9 is the perfect tool set for all your Oster blender needs. This versatile set is designed to fit multiple different Oster models, ensuring compatibility with your specific blender model.

Made of fine quality material, this blender cutter base gasket is built to last. It is designed to make your Oster blender work perfectly, just like the day you brought it home. With its easy-to-use and operate features, you can easily replace the cutter and gasket to keep your blender functioning flawlessly.

The replacement cutter included in this set is made of stainless steel, ensuring durability and longevity. Its ice crushing capability allows you to create perfectly blended drinks and smoothies. It is also compatible with glass, plastics, and stainless steel jars, providing versatility and convenience. With its long-lasting performance, this replacement cutter will refresh and revive your Oster blender, adding years to its lifespan.

The gasket included in this set plays a crucial role in ensuring a leak-proof seal between the blender assembly and the glass lip of the jar. It is important to note that the gasket should not be installed beneath the blender assembly or between the gasket and the plastics base, as this may result in a leaky jar and poor fit. Depending on the frequency of use, the sealing gasket may become brittle, cracked, or compressed over time, compromising its ability to create a sufficient seal. With the replacement gasket included in this set, you can easily prevent leaks and keep the contents of your jar from spilling out of the bottom.

The bottom base, another essential component of this tool set, is responsible for holding the cutter and seal in place at the bottom of the blender jar. It is crucial to maintain the integrity of this part to prevent leaks. The bottom base features plastic threads that can wear out over time, resulting in a leaky jar. It is important to handle this part with care, as over-tightening may cause cracking, dropping may lead to breakage, and excessive heat may cause warping. Once you have removed this part, it is also an ideal time to check the sealing gasket to ensure it is not cracked or compressed too much.

This Oster Osterizer Blender Cutter Base Gasket Q3D9 comes with a variety of specifications to meet your needs. It is designed as a juicer accessory and is made of stainless steel for durability. The package weighs 125g (4.4 ounces) and has dimensions of 100*100*80mm (3.93*3.93*3.14 inches). The package includes 1 replacement cutter, 1 sealing gasket, and 1 bottom base, providing you with all the necessary components to maintain your Oster blender.

In summary, the Oster Osterizer Blender Cutter Base Gasket Q3D9 is a high-quality, long-lasting tool set designed to fit multiple different Oster models. With its easy-to-use features and durable materials, this set will ensure your Oster blender works perfectly, just like it did when you first bought it. Replace the cutter, gasket, and bottom base to keep your blender functioning flawlessly and prevent leaks. Upgrade your blender with this versatile and essential tool set today.

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