Vitamix - Dry Blade Assembly

$213.99 AUD
Vitamix - Dry Blade Assembly The Dry Blade is designed for grinding grains into flour (e.g. almond meal, rice flour, ground coffee and spices) and kneading dough. Spare parts are available in the unlikely event of something going wrong with your machine. Please don't feel too bad if you've chomped your tamper or left a metal spoon inside the container- you wouldn't be the first! Blade is compatible with the Vitamix TNC 5000 and TNC 5200, Professional Series 500 and Aspire models (0.9L and 2L Containers) and suitable for most commercial models including the Vita-Prep 3. Not compatible with the New Ascent Series Containers, Classic 1.4L Container or Classic 2L Low Profile Container or S30 containers

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