Vitamix - Wet Blade Assembly

$213.99 AUD
Introducing the Vitamix - Wet Blade Assembly, the ultimate spare part solution for your Vitamix machine. We understand that unforeseen mishaps can occur, leaving you in need of a replacement blade. That's why we have designed this Wet Blade Assembly to ensure you never have to worry about the functionality of your beloved Vitamix again.

With its versatile nature, this multi-purpose blade is perfect for a wide range of recipes. Whether you are craving a silky smooth smoothie, a hearty soup, a creamy ice cream, or even a delectable nut butter, this Wet Blade Assembly has got you covered. It can effortlessly handle smoothie bowls, tangy sauces, and even bliss balls. The possibilities are endless!

This blade is compatible with various Vitamix models, including the TNC 5000, TNC 5200, Professional Series 500, and Aspire models with 0.9L and 2L Containers. Additionally, it is suitable for most commercial models, including the renowned Vita-Prep 3. Rest assured that this Wet Blade Assembly is engineered to meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

However, it is important to note that this particular Wet Blade Assembly is not compatible with the Ascent Series Blenders, 1.4L Container, 2L Low-Profile Container, or the S30 containers. We want to ensure that you have the correct blade for your specific Vitamix machine, so please double-check the compatibility before making a purchase.

We understand that accidents happen in the kitchen, and we don't want you to feel too bad if you've accidentally damaged your tamper or left a metal spoon inside the container. You are not alone, and we have you covered with this Wet Blade Assembly. Just replace the blade, and your Vitamix will be back to working flawlessly.

Invest in the Vitamix - Wet Blade Assembly today and experience the convenience and reliability that come with genuine Vitamix spare parts. Don't let a broken blade interrupt your culinary adventures. Trust the brand that revolutionized the blending industry, and keep your Vitamix at the top of its game.

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