3 x Nutribullet Grey Stay Fresh Seal Resealable Lids Suit Any 600W 900W Replacement

$18.95 AUD $28.99 AUD

Introducing the Nutribullet  Stay Fresh Seal Resealable Lids, the ultimate accessory for your Nutribullet blender. Crafted with top-notch quality, these lids are specially designed to fit all 600 and 900 models, ensuring a perfect fit and an enhanced blending experience.

With their new and improved design, these Stay Fresh Seal Resealable Lids provide an ingenious solution to keep your mixes fresh and flavorful. No more worrying about spills or leftovers going to waste – simply seal your Nutribullet cup with these lids and store it in the fridge or take it on the go with confidence.

Each package contains three of these exceptional Stay Fresh Resealable Lids, allowing you to keep multiple blends ready for consumption. Whether you prefer to prepare your smoothies in advance for a busy morning or want to store your homemade sauces and dressings for later use, these lids will ensure that your creations retain their freshness and taste.

To guarantee optimal sealing performance, we have also included three Stay Fresh Rubber Seals. These high-quality rubber seals effectively prevent any leakage or air exposure, allowing you to maintain the integrity of your delicious blends for longer periods.

Not only do these Nutribullet Stay Fresh Seal Resealable Lids offer convenience and practicality, but they also add a sleek touch of elegance to your blender setup. The black color complements any Nutribullet model, adding a touch of style to your kitchen.

Upgrade your Nutribullet experience with these essential accessories, and enjoy the benefits of having your blends perfectly sealed and preserved. Make the most out of your Nutribullet blender and unlock a whole new level of versatility with the Nutribullet Black Stay Fresh Seal Resealable Lids.

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Jessica Brown
Easy Installation

Fast 3-day delivery, easy to attach- great seal and fit!

Jessica, we're glad to hear it arrived quickly and fit well. Your tip can be helpful to others. If you can, spread the word to your friends about your experience.