1 x Nutri Ninja 5 Fin Extractor Blade - Replacement Blender Part

$21.75 AUD $35.99 AUD

IMPORTANT NOTE Please count your number of fins before purchasing. Please ensure that your existing blade has 5 fins. NOTE: this 5 fin will NOT fit the Slim Pro BN450 model (this model has a larger base) , do not purchase if you have this model.

Please make sure you measure your blade as follows: The full black plastic base diameter is approximately 85mm The total height measured from the bottom of the base up to the highest tip of the blade is approximately 80mm

This is a great replacement or upgrade to your existing blade. Each Of Our Blades Include: 1x Nutri Ninja Blade 1x Seal 1x Base with all fittings included Basically a full blade set ready to go Caution Please take care not to overuse the blade as per machine instructions. Please do not keep pushing down on the cup for a long period of time while in use. Just lock it in as per instructions and remove your hand. By caring for your blade, this will allow you to use it for much much longer.

It is recommended replacing your blade every 6 months for best performance...

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