Coffee Descaler - Eco decalk alternative - 98% Lactic acid powder - Non liquid - No leak - Delonghi Descaler compatible - 2 Lactic acid Packs

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Update: Listed in Amazons Number 1 - Hot released products in Australia! Ecodecalk Alternative - 6 month 2-Pack Lactic Acid Powder – Optimize Your Coffee Experience! 100% leak free! The biggest complaint on Amazon around liquid Acid cleaners, is leaking packages on arrival. 100's of cases of people saying the product leaked, and was a dangerous option also to have in the house. Our product fixes this issue with a foiled 2 pack, non liquid. Mix to your own strength and requirement, and ensure 100% safe delivery without the risks of leakage. De'Longhi Recommends lactic acid-based solutions instead of citric acid and other cheaper forms of descaler for there Machines as they were developed for Lactic acid cleaning. Our packs are 98% lactic and you can make the solution as strong or weak as you wish. Delonghis version of the liquid descaler has some reviews stating this can rupture on delivery etc so we have provided this in a easy to mix pack. Extend Your Coffee Machine's Lifespan: Avoid the common pitfalls of scale build-up with our easy-to-use lactic acid powder. This innovative formula not only prevents premature breakdowns but also enhances your machine’s performance and longevity. 98% lactic acid derived from sustainable vegetable sources, emphasizing our commitment to the environment. Enjoy a guilt-free cleaning solution that doesn’t compromise on quality. Universal Compatibility: Whether you own an automatic machine, pump espresso, filter coffee pot, or a capsule/pod system, our lactic acid powder is perfectly suited for all types of coffee machines. Boost Efficiency & Flavor: Experience a noticeable improvement in both the flavor and aroma of your coffee. This formula helps in optimizing water quality which in turn increases the efficiency of your machine. Reducing limescale can lower energy consumption by up to 30%, saving you energy and money. Convenient and Safe Packaging: Delivered in a 100% recyclable package, our powder form ensures easy handling and storage with no risk of spills, offering a cleaner, safer descaling process. Optimized for Your Machine: For peak performance, use our specially designed lactic acid powder. Tailored to effectively work with your coffee machine’s descaling cycle, it ensures optimal cleaning with every use. Order Now for a Smoother, Richer Coffee Experience! Note: Packs weigh 26-33 grams at time of packaging some variance may apply.

  • 98% concentrated Lactic Acid base - Not cheaper citric acid formula. 2 Wash packs in each box (suggested mix of 600-1000ml water)
  • De'Longhi Recommends lactic acid-based solutions instead of citric acid - this is pure Lactic acid powder
  • No spill - No leak - non liquid packs -no more delivery spills and acid risks in the kitchen!
  • 2 packs - easy open and easy mix with water - slight grey colour once mixed (clear grey)
  • 98% Lactic Acid - multi use
Miles Kay
Item form
Natural - no scent
Item volume
10.7 Cubic Inches
Unit count
60 gram
Surface recommendation
Coffee Descaling

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