Kogan 1000w blender compatible Milling Blade - KANM10PC1WA

$23.00 AUD $31.00 AUD

COMPATIBLE WITH KOGAN 1000W 10-PIECE ROCKET BLENDER PRO SET - KANM10PC1WA - NOT THE 8 PIECE SET the Rocket Blender 1000W - Milling Blade , the perfect accessory to meet all your coffee and herb grinding needs! This  milling blade is specifically designed to be compatible with Kogan 1000W Rocket blender, ensuring a seamless blending experience every time. Renowned for its exceptional blending power, the Kogan 1000W Rocket blender has become a favorite among households worldwide. However, sourcing its parts can be quite challenging.

One of the unique attributes of this milling blade is its ability to flawlessly grind coffee and herbs, allowing you to infuse the richness of flavor into your favorite beverages and culinary creations. Experience the aromatic essence of freshly ground coffee beans, from coarse to fine, as this milling blade effortlessly transforms them into a fragrant powder.

Additionally, unlock the full potential of your herbs by grinding them to perfection, releasing their natural flavors and aromas. We understand the importance of convenience, which is why we proudly offer you Australia-wide delivery at no additional cost. No matter where you reside in Australia, rest assured that your Rocket Blender 1000W - Milling Blade will be delivered right to your doorstep, ensuring a hassle-free and seamless shopping experience. Invest in the quality and longevity of your 1000W Rocket blender by purchasing the 1000W - Milling Blade.

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