Hamilton Beach Milk Shake Cup (Stainless Steel)

$69.99 AUD
Introducing the Hamilton Beach Milk Shake Cup (Stainless Steel) - the perfect accessory for your Hamilton Beach Milk Shake Mixer. Whether you're in the mood for a creamy malted milkshake, a refreshing daiquiri, or a healthy smoothie, this Genuine stainless steel cup is here to deliver.

Say goodbye to stained cups from fruit, syrups, and other ingredients. Our Hamilton Beach Milk Shake Cup resists staining, ensuring that your drinks always look fresh and clean. Not only is it great for mixing and serving, but it can also be used as a stylish serving cup for your homemade creations.

Cleaning up after your milkshake adventures has never been easier. The stainless steel construction of this cup makes it a breeze to clean. Simply rinse it out or throw it in the dishwasher, and it'll be ready for your next delicious beverage. You can trust that it will withstand frequent use and still maintain its sleek appearance.

This Hamilton Beach Milk Shake Cup is compatible with all Hamilton Beach Commercial drink mixers, so you can easily integrate it into your existing setup. Whether you're a professional bartender or a home enthusiast, this cup is perfect for any setting.

Durability is key when it comes to choosing the right milkshake cup. Rest assured that our stainless steel cup is built to last. Its one-piece construction ensures that it can withstand the rigors of daily use without compromising its functionality.

In addition to its durability, this cup also boasts a vintage appeal that adds a touch of nostalgia to any establishment. Whether you're running a classic diner, an ice cream shop, or a cozy family restaurant, the Hamilton Beach Milk Shake Cup will fit right in. You can serve your shakes in a classic glass and keep the extra on the side in this malt cup to ensure it stays ice-cold.

With a generous 32 oz. capacity, this malt cup allows you to create large and indulgent milkshakes for your customers or loved ones. You can experiment with different flavors, add toppings, and let your creativity run wild. The possibilities are endless!

So why wait? Elevate your milkshake game and bring a touch of elegance to your beverage service with the Hamilton Beach Milk Shake Cup (Stainless Steel). Its durable construction, resistance to stains, and vintage appeal make it a must-have for any milkshake lover. Order your genuine additional cups today and start mixing up delicious treats for everyone to enjoy!

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