Miles Kay Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets - (30 Tablets) For Breville, Jura, Delongi, Miele, and Universal Coffee Machine for All Brands - Professional Coffee Grease and Residue Cleaner for Baristas

$9.95 AUD $18.95 AUD
  • All Natural non chemical, not scaler detergent tablets.
  • Coffee Cleaning Tablets - daily use
  • Suits all Machines - 2 gram extra large tablets
  • Daily use - Non toxic

Introducing our 2-gram Coffee Machine Cleaner Tablets – the ultimate choice for coffee enthusiasts seeking a natural, efficient solution for maintaining their machines. Tailored for universal compatibility with major coffe machine brands like Jura cleaning tablets, Delongi cleaning tablets, Breville cleaning tablets, Cafetto tablets, and more, our compact tablets are your daily cleaning powerhouse.

πŸ”‘ Key Features: Universal Compatibility: including Jura, Delongi, Breville, Cafetto, and more. Daily Cleaning Power: Unlike descaling tablets, our cleaner tablets are designed for daily use, ensuring your coffee machine stays in optimal condition with every brew.

Safe and Natural: Prioritizing your health and machine longevity, our tablets are free from harsh chemicals, offering a natural and safe cleaning experience.

Group Head Cleaning: Targeting even the smallest components, our tablets are perfect for cleaning group heads, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleaning process. Line Maintenance: Add our tablets to your machine water for comprehensive internal line cleaning. Keep your coffee flowing smoothly, eliminating any buildup that might affect taste and quality.

Beyond Coffee Machines: Trusted by Baby Brezza product users, our tablets are versatile, delivering the same natural cleaning power for various applications.

πŸš€ Top Benefits:

Gentle and Effective: Experience a gentle yet effective cleaning process, promoting daily use without harming your machine.

Less Descaling Required: Unlike traditional descaling tablets, our product focuses on daily cleaning, eliminating the need for separate descaling solutions.

Espresso Enthusiast Approved: Whether you're an espresso aficionado or a daily coffee lover, our tablets are perfect for maintaining the quality and taste of your favorite brews. Elevate your coffee experience with Miles Kay – where natural meets effective for a cleaner, smoother, and tastier cup every time!

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Miles Kay Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets

These are a fabulous product! They arrived the next day too. Very happy . Will order again - very happy with the product and service