Nutribullet Large (32oz) Cup and Handheld Ring - 600 900 Models Replacement Parts

$14.95 AUD $33.99 AUD
The Nutribullet Tall Large Cup and Handheld Ring - 600 900 Models Replacement Parts set is the ultimate companion for your Nutribullet blender. Designed to fit seamlessly with all 600 and 900 models, this package includes 1x Colossal Cup (32oz) and 1x Handheld Lip Ring, providing you with everything you need to enhance your blending experience.

The highlight of this set is the Colossal Cup, a generous 32oz capacity cup that allows you to create large batches of your favorite Nutribullet recipes. Whether you're preparing delicious smoothies, nutritious protein shakes, or even savory soups, this spacious cup has got you covered. Say goodbye to limited quantities and hello to endless possibilities.

Not only does the Colossal Cup let you whip up larger portions, but it also features a durable construction that ensures its longevity. Its sturdy design allows you to blend your ingredients with confidence, knowing that the cup can withstand the power of your Nutribullet blender. Crafted from high-quality materials, this cup is built to last, making it a reliable partner in your healthy lifestyle journey.

To complement your Colossal Cup, we also provide you with the Handheld Lip Ring. This innovative accessory attaches seamlessly to the cup, giving you a comfortable and secure grip while enjoying your blended creations. Say goodbye to spills and drips with this practical addition that allows you to drink your smoothies or shakes directly from the cup with ease.

The Handheld Lip Ring not only offers convenience but also ensures a smooth sipping experience. Its ergonomic design fits perfectly in your hand, allowing you to enjoy every sip without any hassle. It adds a touch of elegance to your Nutribullet blending routine while keeping your beverages securely contained.

In addition to their functional benefits, both the Colossal Cup and the Handheld Lip Ring are also incredibly easy to clean. Made with quick and hassle-free maintenance in mind, these accessories can be effortlessly cleaned either by hand or in the dishwasher. Enjoy your blended creations without the worry of time-consuming cleanup.

Upgrade your Nutribullet blender experience with the Nutribullet Tall Large Cup and Handheld Ring - 600 900 Models Replacement Parts set. Designed to fit perfectly with your 600 or 900 model, this package includes the versatile 32oz Colossal Cup and the convenient Handheld Lip Ring. Create larger batches of your favorite recipes with confidence, knowing that these accessories are built to last. Say goodbye to spills and enjoy a smooth sipping experience with the Handheld Lip Ring. Effortlessly clean up after enjoying your delicious creations, and elevate your blending game to a whole new level.

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