Nutribullet Extractor Blade + Tall 24oz Cup and Grey Seal - 900 600 Models Parts Replacement

$26.95 AUD $41.99 AUD
Introducing our premium quality Nutribullet Extractor Blade + Tall 24Oz Cup and Grey Seal - 900 600 Models Parts Replacement, the perfect accessory to enhance your blending experience! Designed to fit all 600 and 900 models, this product offers a convenient replacement or an exciting upgrade to your existing blade.

With the latest design, we have reinforced the bottom of the blade to ensure durability and longevity. The upgraded rotation movement guarantees enhanced blending performance, allowing you to effortlessly create delicious smoothies, juices, and more.

Before making a purchase, we highly recommend checking the seal on your current blade. This will ensure a seamless fit and optimal functioning of the Nutribullet Extractor Blade + Tall Cup and Grey Seal.

The package includes everything you need to elevate your blending game:

1. New Design Blade: Engineered with precision and meticulous attention to detail, this brand new design is built to withstand the test of time. Expect superior performance and consistent results every time you use your Nutribullet.

2. Tall Cup (24oz): Crafted to perfection, the tall cup provides ample capacity for your favorite creations. Whether it's a nutrient-packed smoothie or a flavorsome juice, this tall cup can accommodate it all. Say goodbye to multiple blending sessions!

3. Grey Seal Gasket: The inclusion of this grey seal gasket ensures compatibility with both 900 models and any new design 600 accessory equipped with a grey seal. It seamlessly fits into place, creating a tight seal and preventing any leakage during blending.

Designed with your satisfaction in mind, our Nutribullet Extractor Blade + Tall Cup and Grey Seal guarantee a hassle-free blending experience. The premium quality construction ensures excellent durability, while the innovative design allows for effortless cleaning and maintenance.

Upgrade your Nutribullet today with our top-notch Nutribullet Extractor Blade + Tall Cup and Grey Seal - 900 600 Models Parts Replacement. Unleash your creativity in the kitchen and enjoy the countless possibilities that this must-have accessory brings!

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