Kogan 1000W blender Compatible 1L Cup for model KANM10PC1WA

$23.00 AUD $39.00 AUD

NOTE THESE SPARE PARTS ARE NOT KOGAN BRANDED BUT COMPATIBLE WITH THE 1000W 10-PIECE ROCKET BLENDER PRO SET - KANM10PC1WA - NOT THE 8 PIECE SET Introducing the amazing Rocket Blender - 1000W - Replacement 1L Cup Compatible, an indispensable addition to your kitchen arsenal!

Designed with your safety in mind, this replacement 1L cup is compatible with the Kogan 1000W rocket blender meets the highest standards. Crafted with durable materials, it ensures long-lasting performance and withstands the rigors of daily use. The BPA-free composition of the cup provides peace of mind, as you can enjoy your delicious smoothies and blended treats without any worries about harmful chemicals seeping into your beverages.In addition to its excellent construction, this replacement cup also offers unbeatable convenience. Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is a breeze with this replacement 1L cup. The hassle-free cleaning process ensures that you spend more time enjoying your creations and less time scrubbing dishes. Simply toss it in the dishwasher for a quick and easy clean. No more tedious hand washing or worrying about hard-to-reach crevices – this cup is designed to streamline your cooking experience from start to finish.

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